Project 3 300 words

Julia Moura

Professor Jesse Miller

English 110- G

17 April 2019

Project #3

In life, there are numerous internal struggles we all encounter. These usually revolve around our moral views and beliefs. These struggles are sometimes vocalized in certain circumstances and the discussion can only be pushed to a certain point. This can be connected to an article written by David Foster Wallace, “Consider the Lobster”. This article touches upon many difficult topics that cover a wide range on controversial viewpoints which allow the reader to really ponder their views on certain matters. Wallace’s main argument, “there are limits to what even interested persons can ask of each other,” involves the idea that there are certain breaking points on issues that some may never agree with the other on. Many have varying viewpoints that they will stick by no matter what. Wallace is sure to include many different aspects of this emotional struggle with important issues, such as economics, animal cruelty and social standings between humans and animals. Wallace’s viewpoints can be compared to many others’, such as Ross Anderson who wrote an article, “What the Crows Know”, discussing his viewpoint on the many issues revolving around animals, their importance to us a humans, their interactions with us and there overall conscience levels. Another opinion on such matters is Hal Herzog’s, he wrote an article called “Animals Like Us” which discusses the social standings of animals in comparison to those of humans as well as their values with animal cruelty and whether what we do should be acceptable or not. The three authors together all bring forth such critical and controversial viewpoints that are widely discussed but usually never agreed upon.