Journal #19

Julia Moura

Prof. Jesse Miller

English 110-G

5 April 2019

Journal #19

Overall, I find that I have had a pretty difficult time with writing this final paper. I am not sure what way I want to go with it. The words I have now are all of importance, but they are very much all over the place. Its almost as if there is just word vomit onto the page. My process of writing has been scattered. I get a few hours to work on it somedays but haven’t had the opportunity to really go find a quiet place and really put my thoughts together. I am usually sitting on my bed when working on this paper. I am not sure if it is because I usually have friends in my room who are sitting at my desk or if it is purely due to the fact that I enjoy my comfy space. Throughout this process I have gotten side tracked and interrupted and I am planning this weekend to go back to somewhat of my old ways of doings things.

For my past papers, I usually find myself sitting at a table at the Starbucks in Biddeford on Alfred St. I get myself a Frappuccino and sit in on of the chairs near the window set up all my materials, put some headphones in and get to work. Usually if I am away from school and not around any friends that can distract me I can really put 100% focus into the work I am doing. This is something I definitely believe I need to go back to doing in my process now. I also think that I need to restart and go through my usual motion of completely writing out a draft and then fixing all of my mistakes or editing many ideas from there. If I get a solid paper written and almost complete, it is easier for me to add to or take away from it to benefit the paper. I find if I don’t write it all the way out my ideas stop flowing when I try to go back to it. I definitely need to consider going back to my old process.