Scrambled eggs, the staple to most Americans’ breakfast. An easy, simple option for a healthy start to your day. At least that’s how most individuals view them as. For myself, scrambled eggs are a glorious invention. For as long as I can remember, my Vovo (grandfather) has made the best scrambled eggs. One would think scrambled eggs are a hard thing to screw up but if you compare any other scrambled eggs to my Vovo’s, you would understand his are truly incredible.

For around ten years, my grandparents stay at the guest house in the summers behind my house. My siblings and I try to go back there for breakfast almost every morning in the summer. He always offers to make us so many different things ranging from pancakes to breakfast quiches. We never once had a different answer though, we always wanted those scrambled eggs. I do not really know what it is about them if I am being honest. For some reason, they are just perfect. I believe its because he has the most patience. It almost seems like he has it down to a science. I have watched him make them numerous amounts of times but, I have never been able to master it like he does. He starts by taking the eggs, usually almost a full dozen and puts them into a bowl. Then he whips them up and adds in some milk. The pan is heating while he beats the eggs and butter slowly melts on top. Then he pours some of the eggs into the pan and works some magic. Cheese gets added to eggs at the exactly perfect moment. They are never over cooked and always come out just fluffy enough. He even somehow manages to make the pan look like it wasn’t even used. Then when you take that first bite of eggs, you are completely content and know the rest of the day is going to be a good one.
I never really ask my Vovo how he feels about the scrambled eggs. I guess I have always assumed he just makes us the eggs because we always ask. I never thought that deep into it. My Vovo is a very quiet spoken man, he doesn’t say much, and I never realized how much us visiting him for a simple breakfast meant. Recently, I asked him a few questions about the scrambled eggs, “It’s so simple, making the eggs. I enjoy making my grandkids happy by making them food, I always have. I never thought that out of all the food I make them though that my eggs would be their favorite.” It was interesting to me that he would not think the eggs were our favorite because we always asked for them. He has always been a humble man though, so I am sure deep down he knows but just does not want to tell us. One thing he said that truly affected me was, “It’s not about the eggs, its not about them enjoying the food, it is being with all of them at once. I never really say I love you out loud, but I hope I communicate it in how I do as much as I can for them.”  The thing about this is we do know because of everything he does do for us. He always wants to make sure we have everything we need whether its about food or creating something crazy we wanted.

Vovo’s eggs may be my favorite thing to eat but, it is way more than that. I love how going to breakfast for these eggs brings us all together, especially my siblings and me.  Over the years, we have all grown up. I’m currently at college now, one of my older brothers graduated from college last year, my other brother is in college as well and my younger brother and sister are still at home in middle school. We are all in different spots in our life. Trying to figure out what we want to do and who we are, sometimes we forget where we came from and who we have by our sides. However, there is always Vovo’s eggs and every summer no matter what, we always go all together at least once or twice to gather around and eat some scrambled eggs. We even bought my Vovo a bell to ring, so we know when to come up for breakfast. It brings us back together again, and sometimes even brings others in as well. My grandparents are amazing people, they welcome everyone in. My brothers each have girlfriends, and I myself have a boyfriend and let me tell you, they are invited to breakfast with open arms, and the funny thing is they always say Vovo’s eggs are the best they have ever tasted. Not only does it bring my siblings and I together but, it allows us to spend more time with our grandparents. I hate to say it, but our grandparents will only be around for so long and I enjoy every minute I can get with them, even if it’s only to have some eggs.

You might look back now and say hmm scrambled eggs did all that to a person. They were a favorite food because of how tasty they are, they bring together a family and make someone’s grandfather feel loved and appreciated. Scrambled eggs do all of that. Next time, someone asks you what your favorite meal is you should give it some thought. Think, is it your favorite meal because it tastes good? Is it your favorite meal because it has a different meaning? Give them some more information, give them some meaning. It is always interesting to see how people interpret their favorite meals. Usually, you would just assume someone’s favorite meal is because they find that dish the most delicious. Ask them why next time, because you never know what else you’ll find rooted behind a simple dish. It could show you so much more about the person you are speaking with.


Recipe: 4 eggs, 4 pieces of cheese, butter, a pan, a spatula

First heat the pan with a small amount of butter covering the bottom. Next beat the eggs in a bowl until scrambled together thoroughly, once scrambled ad the eggs to the pan and patiently move them around until almost cooked. Add in your 4 slices of cheese and blend them within the eggs. Finally, once eggs are cooked to your liking  plate them and enjoy!