Journal #2

Julia Moura

Prof. Jesse Miller

English 110

27 January 2019


Throughout my time of being in an educational system, I have written dozens of papers and essays. All the essays and assignments have led me through a drastic range of how to draft an assignment. I have used brainstorming, outlines and just writing the essay. Most of the options had given me some type of skill to include now. Typically, I believe I have a solid process now that I have tried so many ways. I start by making an overall outline on word. The outline consists of the main ideas I want in each paragraph. Then I write my introduction paragraph including my main points of what is to come within the paper. After I write my introduction, I write my baseline of my body paragraphs. Once my body paragraphs are briefly written out, I look over my intro to see if there is anything I should edit. Next, I add in all quotations that may be used within the body paragraphs and make sure to cite them. After quotations are added, I edit the body paragraphs and am sure to double check that all transitions into and out of quotes are thorough and flow well. Once I am sure that my introduction and body paragraphs are completed and understandable I work on my conclusion. In the conclusion, I focus on summing up my points made in my body paragraphs as well as briefly discussing the overall message or reasoning for the paper. Finally, I look over the paper for all grammar or spelling errors. I usually try to have a friend look it over as well in case I fail to see any of the errors myself. Overall, I also found reading the paper out loud works well too. Sometimes, I construct a whole paper and, in the end, do not like any of it at all. In this case, I usually start over and pick pieces I liked from my original paper. I always however and open to improving my drafting process, and hope to learn more ways to be more efficient.