Journal #5

Julia Moura

Prof. Jesse Miller

English 110-G

6 February 2019

Journal #5

Within pages 1-15 of “They Say, I Say”, there were numerous amounts of pieces I found to be extremely helpful and beneficial to my writing in the future. One of these were the templates on how to start a conversation within the text. This would allow for a seemingly interesting way for the audience to feel involved within the discussion of the piece. I also found that the caricatures that were included were a good inclusion because it allowed you to visualize the importance of how statements are worded when writing a specific piece. If you do it correctly, the questions or ideas that flow won’t be because of confusion but because of a ponder about the topic at hand. Another piece of useful information was that they gave a template for ways to respond to a specific piece of information, whether it is about agreeing or disagreeing. This will help you to form your own support while using others to strengthen it. Rather than using the typical for example, and in sum, then, you have a more specific way to end it. I also enjoyed the part about plagiarism. I feel like plagiarism is an issue that most people are worried about. We never know whether we are by accident. But, this provided a different insight on plagiarism and what is and what isn’t it provided me with more comfort in using other sources.