Journal #3

Julia Moura

Prof. Jesse Miller

English 110-G

30 January 2019


Journal #3

In the reading from “They Say, I Say” pages 42-51, there were many inciteful pieces of information that I would find beneficial to use in the future. Overall, the reading talked about the integration of quotations. It stressed that quotations should be transitioned into the writing. I found that on page 46 there was the most helpful way to simplify using a quotation well. It described that the construction of a sandwich was the same as using a quotation. The introduction to the quote would be the top slice of bread, the quotation the spread and the bottom bread the explanation and the closing. In the introduction to the quote, some background information on who said it should be used as well as why the quote should be included within the text. The introduction would be chosen based on why a certain quote should be involved for the support. Although this is something I knew, I never thought about using a description of the speaker’s background in the transition to a quote, but I find it may be extremely beneficial to my writing. The closing out or explanation of the quotation piece of the reading, intrigued me the most for future use. I always have difficulty with underexplaining or overexplaining the quotation. The reading showed me that it is better to overexplain but to work on getting rid of any jumbled words that may not be needed within the explanation. In past projects and assignments, I always had trouble with how much to include after my quotation was there. I never knew how much information I would have to add to ensure the readers knew exactly why I used that quote and how it was so important. Now though, I have an overall understanding of how much to explain and that overexplaining is better. It also stated to integrate the speaker’s words with my own. Meaning I should elaborate on what the quote is saying with how it connects to my own text. Basically, almost like restating the quote in a way that I understand in hopes of allowing the audience to understand the meaning behind it. Overall, I found the reading helpful and cannot wait to use the information I discovered.