Journal #8

Julia Moura

Prof. Jesse Miller

Eng 110-G

19 February 2019

Journal #8

There are many useful points throughout this reading which provide good feedback about the audience’s thoughts when hearing a presentation.  The reading describes how writing needs to have a purpose and a point in addition to a conversation that the thesis is responding to. We also learn it is very crucial to include your response early in the discussion rather than delaying it. One point which impacted me was when you have an argument you always need to start with other people’s thoughts and views which intern makes your ideas the response.  They describe the thoughts of others and the writer’s response as one unit. This is important because it exaggerates the importance of not delaying your response to long. When writing it is important to introduce your points in the beginning and then elaborate on them more when the time is right. This prevents the reader from being overwhelmed with your ideas all at once. Lastly this reading explains how it is important to describe others views as soon as possible that way the listener is able to clarify the issue at hand. Overall this article provides good insight on how to grasp the audience’s attention and keep them hooked throughout the whole presentation.