Journal #4

Julia Moura

Prof. Jesse Miller

English 110- G

1 February 2019


The End of Food

There are many different pieces of this article that I found may be valuable to the project we are constructing over the course of the next two weeks. I was not sure specifically what points I would use for sure, but I have some points I may use depending on what my final decision is. One point that I may seriously considering using is when Widdecombe talked about the doctor’s point of view, “The doctors I spoke to agreed that you could subsist on Soylent. But would it be a good idea? The debate, for the most part, revolves around substances found in real food, essentially phytochemicals, which come from plants.” This point was extremely valid for me, especially if I chose to be against Rhinehart’s vision of Soylent. This is because it would be using specific medical recommendations for not only continuing to use Soylent as the soul source of food. It also to me is intriguing because my brain works in somewhat of a scientific way and I believe truly in biology and science speaking which could lead me to go either way in this option. But, looking at the medical terminology I am pushed towards the idea of not agreeing to the use of the product. Another piece of evidence I may strongly consider using from the text is toward the end of Widdecombe’s article, “The Soylent dream is a strange one: a place where our food-related hopes mingle with our nightmares.”  This point is interesting, it could almost go both ways depending on your belief. You could look at Soylent as the good dream, or one of the nightmares. I consider using this because I believe it makes the audience think strongly about their opinion and ponder their own true belief on the matter. Especially, from a different output. It is not a basic fact being stated but almost making food and Soylent into something greater than just the need for survival. One final point I may find very useful would be that of the college students, “Galimidi said that the dorm is home to ‘a lot of very busy engineering and physics students’ who ‘don’t have time to do anything’-including eat.” I really like this part of the essay because I can so easily connect to it. I too am a college student who finds myself not having enough time for a lot of things like eating. My solution is usually to grab a granola bar or just something quick, but with this, I may have a better option that would provide me with all of the proper nutrients for life.